Travel: Editing with a tiny box instead of a laptop

Lugging your laptop around when traveling in order to edit video to share online adds a good bit of bulk and weight that could be used for other purposes. What’s the solution. Well this new start up believes they have the answer with their mini editor named Gnarbox! This tiny little box fits in your pocket and allows you to edit on the go. How does it work? You record your video via GoPro or other camera,connect to Gnarbox via usb or media capture card, grab your phone, locate and connect to the Gnarbox self genarating wifi hotspot and your off and running. Now the amazing thing about Gnarbox,besides it portability, is that you can edit 4k video. To learn more check out the work flow video below.

So there you have it. You’ve cut down the bulk and weight in your backpack or suit case and can now bring that heavy Objet D’art that your aunt Edna always wanted. Win,Win for both you and good ole Aunt Edna!