Stingray Vs. Corvette Summer,the way of the Wrench Saber!

I remember going to the premiere of Christopher Mitchum’s film “Stingray” back in 1978. Even had a poster signed by the Playboy Bunny that was in the Film as well as the films side kick, Les Lannom. Ole Les was not happy in the least to be in a small Missouri town premiering the film. I remember complementing him on the film and his disparaging remark toward his own work. Oh boy,not a happy camper. The cool part besides the film was the Playboy bunny, Sondra Theodore, and the fact they were giving out free movie posters signed by the cast on hand. The film itself was of the time,full of car chases ,things blowing up and or falling down. However in the end the movie poster itself was much more exciting then the film. I collect movie posters so I have a bit of a bias when it comes to the art work, my personal preference is toward the “Stingray” poster over the “Corvette Summer” poster, it tells a story peaking your excitement enough to put down your hard earned cash and buy a ticket. I’ve included the posters side by side below,so you can judge for yourself. So how do these two films tie together, well “Corvette Summer”, Mark Hamill and Annie Pott’s film, was originally titled “Stingray” however they could not get the rights to use the name due to Chris Mitchum’s film already using the title. Chica, Chica, Bow, Wow! That’s Hollywood baby! Take a moment to check out Mark Hamill’s literal use of the “Force” with his Wrench in the lobby card below. Use the Wrench saber Luke,the wrench saber! I really miss lobby cards.


Stingraycorvette summer