Keep the power on the down low bro

Was reading a post from a friend living in Africa the other day. He was discussing whether or not to live off the grid. In the area he lives most of the power is created using generators.Which are typically used at night. He plans on buying solar panels,hooking them up to storage batteries. He will then be able to charge and power his phone,computer and LED lights at night. He only needs to use the power to charge his phone every few days and power his laptop when need for work on the internet. The LED’s need only be used at night for 4 -6 hours til bed time.Living in the wealthy nations of the world we tend to think this is going backward in time, that life will be less comfortable. Which lead to people who read his blog advising him not to attempt it. Using what you need does not mean your backward it means your frugal. I applaud him for living his free style life and not caving into others projecting their life onto his. So there is no need to keep the power on the down low bro. Further Reading: $3 dollar cell phone battery charger Waka Waka solar light and device charger We tend to think of all of Africa as being backward. Trevor Noah spins it round a bit.